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Immersed by RememberTheLost13 Immersed :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 5 2 Cry For Help by RememberTheLost13 Cry For Help :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 4 5 Sea Ice - Water Ribbons by RememberTheLost13 Sea Ice - Water Ribbons :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 5 1
Noose or Necklace?
There are beautiful things in this life
That also can fill us with strife.  
Some simple thing that nearly since from birth
I've used to measure my self-worth.
Yet sometimes it feels like no one can see
The torture that this causes me.  
They rarely try to understand.
They only sometimes offer a comforting hand.
It's like they are part of a hive.
Dead inside, or barely alive.  
Don't follow like a flock of sheep.  
But take a look before you leap
Please don't be reckless.  
Take a very, very close look.  Is it a noose or necklace?
:iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 6 9
Noose or Necklace? by RememberTheLost13 Noose or Necklace? :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 1 1 Claws of Despair by RememberTheLost13 Claws of Despair :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 0 2 Shadow Shatter by RememberTheLost13 Shadow Shatter :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 1 0 Hideous by RememberTheLost13 Hideous :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 0 2
Request From MadeWithLove8: Nightfall
The stars shine so bright
In the absence of the sun's ray,
In the pitch black night
That is the death of day.  
It brings relief from day's shattered dreams
And all that I can say,
As stars split the blackness at the seams
This is death of day.  
The clouds roll around the rising moon
As the blue sky fades to gray,
We all shall find peace very soon.  
Nightfall is the death of day
:iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 9 2
Deceptively Simple by RememberTheLost13 Deceptively Simple :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 1 1 Mercy by RememberTheLost13 Mercy :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 2 0 Have a Wonderful Day by RememberTheLost13 Have a Wonderful Day :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 2 4 Paper Spiral of Boredom by RememberTheLost13 Paper Spiral of Boredom :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 2 0 Christmas Request From CloeyRockStar 1948: Heart by RememberTheLost13 Christmas Request From CloeyRockStar 1948: Heart :iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 3 4
Christmas Request From Arcticcloud: Jesus' Love
Jesus' love
Belongs to us all.  
It comes from above
And with it we cannot fall.  
We're all sinners,
We certainly aren't saints,
But we're all winners
In the picture He paints.  
Jesus loves you and me,
And though you may not think this is true,
He will love us all eternally,
So I say 'Merry Christmas' to you.  
:iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 7 5
Christmas Request From GamerPrincess42:Imagination
Imagination may bring fear,
And, at times, more than one tear,
But before the end of this year
Remember why it's here.  
It helps you keep your hopes very near.  
It helps you see your dreams as clear
As I see this hope, which I'll state here:
For the world to be in peace and in good cheer.  
:iconrememberthelost13:RememberTheLost13 5 3


Neinescape: Doctor Kolkol by arafel Neinescape: Doctor Kolkol :iconarafel:arafel 191 47 It eat Baby Sunflower by VegaAltair It eat Baby Sunflower :iconvegaaltair:VegaAltair 592 269 APH: Baby Sunflower by arafel APH: Baby Sunflower :iconarafel:arafel 217 26 Neinescape: Sketchdump by arafel Neinescape: Sketchdump :iconarafel:arafel 78 6
You Warm My Heart - Russia x Tourist!Reader
To visit Russia was something you’d wanted to do for a long time. Everything about the country intrigued you, from the beautiful architecture to the bloody history.
Now, you were finally getting that chance.
With a sigh of relief you set down your suitcase in the thankfully warm hotel room you’d booked. Russia was certainly your favourite country (perhaps second to your own - patriotism for the win) but it was really cold.
You had, of course, gone straight into the heart of the northern country: Moscow. As nice as St.Petersburg had sounded, you’d wanted to experience popular places like the Kremlin and Red Square up close.
Sitting on the bed, you walked over to the window and flung open the curtains with a smile. Where should you go first? What type of people would you meet? It was all very exciting.
The room you had been given was one on the higher floors, giving you a perfect view of the snow coated houses and pavements of the city. Tall people dressed in snu
:iconkaijinkyn:KaijinKyn 276 108
You're all sick by MichuMichu-Chan You're all sick :iconmichumichu-chan:MichuMichu-Chan 132 59 Neinescape: Nurse Rue by arafel Neinescape: Nurse Rue :iconarafel:arafel 87 11 APH-N: Tranqs by arafel APH-N: Tranqs :iconarafel:arafel 53 10 APH-N: Reality TV by arafel APH-N: Reality TV :iconarafel:arafel 41 6 APH-N: Scars by arafel APH-N: Scars :iconarafel:arafel 34 9 APH-N: The Borderlines by arafel APH-N: The Borderlines :iconarafel:arafel 52 10 APH: Signature MEME by Chaltiere APH: Signature MEME :iconchaltiere:Chaltiere 161 194 Vodka is Wonderful by BechnoKid Vodka is Wonderful :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 431 86 'DUMMKOPF.' by BechnoKid 'DUMMKOPF.' :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 1,016 121 APH- KOLKOLKOLKOL by BechnoKid APH- KOLKOLKOLKOL :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 836 103 APH: Champagne and Caviar by BechnoKid APH: Champagne and Caviar :iconbechnokid:BechnoKid 778 235



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One of my friends just had surgery.  Could everyone please pray for their recovery.  Also, I have two tests tomorrow.  Could everyone please pray for me too, please?  Also, I'm sorry for not keeping up with replying to comments and for not keeping up with requests.  I HOPE to get to those sometime soon.  Thank you for your time.  God bless.  
Happy Birthday dA!  Sorry it's so late.  

Being on dA helped me get through a lot of stuff.  I could cry out for help and people would actually listen to me.  Cry For Help by RememberTheLost13
The Claws of Pain by RememberTheLost13
I could represent both my emotions and those of others here and not feel judged for it.  
Request from MughalRox: Epic Design - Flower by RememberTheLost13
This was a drawing I worked on with a friend I made because of dA.  

This one was my first deviation.  I didn't think I would get much attention for it, but some people favorited it right away.  It meant a lot to me.  

I was able to try to help others when I joined this site too.  
So, thank you dA, and may you last for many more years to come.  
Once again I am SUPER sorry about not being very active on here.  I was having kind of a rough time for awhile and I was really busy.  I'll try to get caught up soon.  Thank you to those who didn't unfollow me during my long absence.  I really appreciate it.  God bless.  :huggle:
Hi!  If I could have a bit of your time, I have two questions.  
1.  Do I have any unfinished requests?
2.  Does anyone want to do an art trade?
That is all.  Thank you for reading.  May God bless you all.  :huggle:
Happy Mother's Day everyone!  And for those of you that don't have moms, happy mother figure person's day.  :huggle:  On a different note, finals went rather well.  Thank you all for praying for me.  May God bless you all!  :huggle:  


United States
My first language is English, but I do know a decent amount of Spanish. I'm a Christian, but I'm not here to judge anyone. If you are ever having a bad day and need someone to talk to, send me a note. It may take a bit, but I WILL get back to you.
Llama for llama?

What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
What Johto Legendary Pokemon Are You?
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Which TWEWY Character Are You?
Which TWEWY Character Are You?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
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Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Hosted By Anime



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